53 Years of Success

The Harlas International Transport company completes 53 years in the transport market and continues to stand out for the high quality of services and its anthropocentric approach.

On the occasion of the completion of the Greek Revolution’s 200th anniversary, our team chose to take a corporate photo at the War Museum of Athens. In a climate of sympathy and morale, our team was photographed in an emblematic historical museum of world recognition, as proof that our company has timeless value and remains firm in its commitments. Our priority is to cover the needs of the customer, showing understanding and respect. Reliability, security, speed, consistency are some of our characteristics.

For 53 years now, the people who create and shape the company’s identity have been important to us. Our team is like a fist and people stand out for their spirit of cooperation, their willingness, their commitment to corporate values ​​and their ethos. Our team is always “ready” to serve the interested customers and perform their duty.

Looking to the future we continue to invest in People, to seek their continuous improvement and evolution and to marry the experience with the new generation!

We have created a team that works with mutual support, mutual understanding, mutual respect, highlighting the climate of Security and Confidence that our company exudes in the business market.

We warmly thank the Administration of the War Museum of Athens for the availability of the space and the immediate service.

We warmly thank our Team, our People for their perseverance and their artistic contribution!

Υ.γ. Our team at the Airport is absent from the photos, due to workload, as well as prominent company executives, due to summer vacations! We reserve for the next corporate photography!

Note: We clarify that the pictured, due to the fact that the company complies with the GDPR regulation and must follow the instructions according to the ISO certifications, has consented, agreed and signed responsible statements for the publication and use of the above images!

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