Luggage Transportation Services



You can call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week either online or by phone.
Inside Athens, we can proceed with your order within 6 hours, and within 24 hours for all other locations inside Greece. For the rest of the world, we can pick up your goods within 48 hours. Please contact our company directly to learn more.


The only thing you do is simply having your items ready as if you were carrying them to the airport yourself.
Our company will take care of the rest. Sports equipment does need to be in special boxes for its safety. To be more specific, bikes, skis, golf bags etc need to be in an appropriate container or box.

Pick Up

Our agent comes to your place home, office, hotel etc at the scheduled time to collect your shipment.
Your luggage is wrapped in a custom made plastic, protective packaging and routed to your final destination. You are not required to be present at your scheduled retrieval time.


Our company delivers your shipment to your scheduled destination where it is waiting for you upon your arrival. You subsequently arrive refreshed from a hassle free travel experience. All domestic deliveries are guaranteed on time. If you scheduled a round-trip shipment, the process is simply reversed.

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