Sports Events Logistics


Our company offers specialized and functioning services in sports logistics. We handle all transportations within sports with long experience punctuality, reliability and on time.

Not only we provide the required land, air, and ocean transport services, but we also coordinate worldwide transport, warehouse, and venue logistics. Our team will propose you the best solution to guarantee and help your event take place successfully.

We produce logistics services to all events connected with sports including training, hobbies, and competitions internationally. HARLAS is the forwarding partner for any kind of sports event. Under our long-term experience, we have handled the freight of many sport events such as the Olympic Games 2004 in Athens.

Planning, coordination, teamwork, commitment, courage, technical skill, and a passion for success – these are all key to sporting success. HARLAS takes those same qualities and applies them to our specialist sports logistics services to meet the challenging demands of athletic events.

Logistics for sport events is a highly specialized field that requires extensive network, geographical presence in the venues and time-definite execution.

We provide all the necessary equipment and ancillary materials on site, on time, every time, having the support of our global network to deliver anywhere worldwide.

Our company also delivers infrastructure development and support for large scale sports venue management having the integrated multimodal logistics expertise and resources to support such kind of events.

With our long-standing reputation in organizing logistics for international sporting events our expert team also develops logistics concepts for coordinating the totality of an international sport event by reassuring its success.

Whether it is an organized sport event or a global sport tour, all those projects have very highly complex tasks that requires absolute flexibility and our expert team is there to comply with the tight schedules.

Our company offers the following services:

•          Providing all freight transportation services

•          Arranging all the customs formalities

•          Coordinating the security of the project

•          Making all the picking & packing activities

•          Providing the necessary equipment and staff

•          Online tracking the project by us

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