ISO 9001:2015


Quality Certification ISO 9001:2015

HARLAS INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORT S.A. has been installed, apply, maintain and improve a Quality Management System which meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 standard and consists of a set of processes, procedures, resources and monitoring methods regarding the quality of products and services.

Focus on customer

HARLAS INTERNATIONAL TRANS-PORT S.A.. is oriented to the modern transport market. Based on understanding of customer needs and translates them to requirements, specifications, quality plans and final service in accordance with the processes of quality.

Quality objectives

Quality objectives set at the level of senior management on an annual basis, coming from strategic planning and corporate quality policy. The targets apply to the hall QMS and is fully compatible with the quality policy of the Company to the extent quantifiable, consistent with the commitment of senior management to continually improve customer satisfaction.

Quality Policy

The administration of HARLAS INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORT S.A. perceives the quality as a system of processes in order

  • To meet the requirements of the customer
  • To timely handling the faults and failures
  • To reduce customer complaints
  • To continuously improve the services provided

ISO Application

To implement the quality policy, the management of our company commit to ensure constantly:

  • The establishment of quality objectives
  • The monitoring and improvement of the QMS (Quality Management System) instrument via the reviews of senior management.
  • The presence of quality projects, if this is requested by the customer for any product or service that is designed, manufactured and supplied by the company (quality plan).
  • The existence of the necessary technical facilities and equipment at all levels of the company.
  • The compliance of the services offered concerning the quality, the current legislation (Greek, International), the instructions of the suppliers and the requirements of the customers.
  • An efficient working environment staffed by a high level personnel.

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