Pharma & Health Care Logistics


The medical industry is a very demanding sector concerning the conditions of transportation of pharmaceutical goods. Our Company is aware of these requirements and builds on a daily basis its customer relationship by maximizing and optimizing the efficiency of the transportation of medical – biological material with consistency and accuracy .

The Harlas Company, has created a special department dedicated to transport pharmaceutical and biological material . Our dedicated team ensures full coverage of your needs by constantly improving our processes of such a sensitive kind of transportaion so as to fully meet our customers requirements.

In conjunction with our transportation services we also offer to our customers, warehousing, customs procedures and medical packaging material.

Knowing how sensitive is the transporation of biological material our Company collaborates with a wide range of certified partners supporting and optimizing our services in the best possible way. So we can ensure better management of the needs of our customer database by setting high standards.

Through our ever expanding network of correspondents worldwide, in conjuction with the know-how we possess all these years, we can ensure the very best solution based on our clients needs especially for this kind of transportation. The procedures we have developed are specially structured in such a way for better serve such loads whatever is the origin or the destination of the shipment. More specifically , our Company offers to its customers :

  • Transportation of Biological and farmaceutical material worldwide
  • Transportation of medical equipment
  • ADR Shipments
  • Transportation of temperature-controlled material
  • Temperature control online throughout the transportation procedure, the handling and the storage of medical supplies.
  • Combined transportation for better service


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