Special Transportations


Since 1974, Harlas has been working to deliver your wide, heavy loads, and heavy haul loads to destinations across the countries and overseas. With safety and quality in mind, we have developed a Check System that ensures your cargo gets where it needs to go in perfect condition. Our customers are our first priority, and that’s what keeps us going. With employees who love what they do, you can rest easy knowing that no matter what item you are shipping, it will get there with care and on time. Never wonder about the location or status of your cargo either, we are committed to communicating with our customers.

With our range of lifting equipment, engineering services, hydraulic jacking & skidding, crane hire, contract lift we safely undertake all industrial services operations for abnormal loads.

We understand that unique heavy transport projects require unique solutions, that’s why HARLAS provides global bespoke heavy haulage logistics and heavy lift services for abnormal loads and oversized cargo.

Our expert team meticulously plan and execute complete logistics management, successfully delivering your cargo on time, on budget and most importantly adhering to the highest safety standards. We pride ourselves on the excellent service we offer and the professionalism of our Team.

Utilizing our specialist fleet of trailers, crane vehicles & lorry loaders, hydraulic heavy lift equipment and heavy haulage tractor units we have the specialist resources to meet your global logistics requirements.

We offer our customers from technical advice to complete project logistics with pre- and post-carriage, individual and tailor-made solutions for heavy cargo logistics from a single source. Many years of experience, extensive technical expertise and closely networked terminals ensure the smooth operation of loading and shipping of project cargo and heavy load. The cargo will be accompanied by the technical and nautical experts of our team. Various value-added services complete our range of services:

reliable, punctual freight forwarding for imports and exports

•          individual advice and the complete execution of transports

•          Transport monitoring – on request from the plant to the receiving port

•          Consulting, planning and implementation of load securing

•          Oversized Equipment Shipping, Transport, Hauling and Mover Services

•          Get full-service transportation for your oversize construction equipment and farm machinery.

Let us handle both the logistics and the transport of your oversized load.

Regulations vary from country to country, so we will advise you the exact dimensional requirements in which you’ll be travelling. If your shipment exceeds any maximum dimensions established by a country in your travel path, you’ll need to apply for oversize permits to transport your equipment.

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Special Transportations Special Transportations
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