Olive Oil Transportation


Our Company for many years is specializing in the packaging and shipping of oil in America, Europe, Africa, Canada and Australia.

Our long experience in the transportation field of olive oil exportation and knowing how fragile is this product, leads our company to the first  position of confidence shown by olive oil Greek producers and individuals.

Having a huge network of partners, both inside Greece and abroad ensure the safe transportation of olive oil from our warehouses to any destination worldwide by air, by sea or by road.

Because olive oil is a perishable good our company in order to maintain unchanged its characteristics, we pay great attention to its storage and its packaging.

Our company takes care the olive oil packaging and if necessary we are able to transport the product in special containers / cans at our disposal. Then place them in special plastic bags and double cartons to ensure perfect transfer of the product and to maintain it unaltered.

Our company in addition to olive oil transportation shipment she undertakes the completion of all customs procedures.

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